Supplies and Costs

When all is said and done. I found the costs of restoring a wood window with a new, quality storm window to be somewhat close to a vinyl replacement. I had to replace the glass of the wood windows every time because they break when trying to remove them or seemed to be permanently dirty/cloudy which added to the cost of the restoration.

I found there is much, much work to be done with restoring your old windows, but you’ll know they’ll last the entire time you own your home if you do it right. The storms should also last the entire time too. Replacement vinyls are not guaranteed or hold a warranty on the seals for more than a year usually.

I was quoted $200 to restore a window by Darling paint, which did not include a new storm window. Comfort Windows quoted me $400/window installed for vinyl replacements with Low-E coating.

Restoring Wood

Total is about $125 for each window. This includes replacing the glass, buying a new triple track aluminum storm window, and using a portion of the supplies. Add another $20 for Low-E coating on the storm window.

Where to Buy

Tools – The tools and paint can be found at Home Depot. The sash cord is at Amazon, and I like to support other restorers so I purchased my glazing putty from Winn Mountain Restorations. I also emailed Andrew the owner a question and he replied back promptly.

Glass – I purchased my glass at two different locations: Frontier Glass on Niagara Falls Blvd and County Supply in Black Rock. Although both had good customer service I think County Supply has more experience with people restoring their windows. I brought them the sash of the window where they measured it and cut the new glass to fit. I did not have either place add the glazing since I was using my own. Some if not all places will add glazing for you, but they use the new caulk kind that is much easier and faster to put on for novices but has its cons.

Storm Windows – I purchased Larson Triple Track Storms at Len-Co Lumber on Delaware Ave. You bring them the measurements of your storm and they’ll put in the order to Larson. Takes 4-8 weeks depending on if Larson is busy. I ordered many of my storms using the “Tip to Tip plus expander” method but all my windows were about an inch too short. This method is supposed to have the storm windows be exactly the measurement you give Larson, and the expander is used to add any extra protection in case the frame isn’t level. BUT, Larson makes the window about an inch short if you order the expander.

The second round of storms I ordered, I ordered “Tip to Tip” with no expander. That time Larson made the window exactly to my measurements and it fit better.

***Tip – Your measurements are very important so get them right! I provide more info on how to properly measure and my experience in that post.


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